Finishing the Reformation Series

The vision God has given me is to finish the Reformation. What Martin Luther only began, I am here to finish. As you read through this series, I am going to try and help you grasp the bigger picture. It may seem like a number of different puzzle pieces which at first are hard to fit together. But understand once they are all unveiled, then you will better be able to see clearly as to what the finished Reformation looks like. I will also share the understanding behind these things. There are a lot of religious ideas that have people trapped in a system that they need to be free from before we can be prepared for the return of Christ. I am here to help you fight and win against dead religion – even the religion within you. I encourage you to read these in order, and to keep an open mind as you progress through them. Be willing to challenge your own beliefs. I may even reference some educational resources throughout these writings that will help you grasp this more in depth.

In Christ,

Eric Hulin

June 2020