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The Journey

It Is Time

I believe a good friendly, focused, and safe environment is the best place to cultivate prophetic abilities and other spiritual gifts. I would like to offer a safe environment where we study and grow together. We will study the same curriculum together on the same schedule.

The schedules will not be overloaded, to make it easy to handle.

We will have Zoom meetings throughout the month. This will allow us to interact and grow together with practical exercises.

They're More Like Guidelines

The Rules

Because Chaos Is Crazy

I am putting together the curriculum. It will focus on things that are spiritual, yet practical in life. For example, the prophetic (hearing the voice of God), putting the prophetic into practice, divine healing, supernatural finances, etc.

I will likely do some teachings on video for this and make them available to you.

We will discuss and/or put into practice the things we are learning, in a safe environment. For example, if we are studying Dream Interpretation, we will be able to share dreams here and practice with interpretations. It will be setup in a manner so that everyone gets to practice. We are all here to learn together, and this group will allow room for mistakes in this journey. If we make any mistakes, at least it was done in a safe environment.

For the assigned reading, you will have to buy some books as we go, but none of these books are very expensive. And it will only be maybe one book every couple of months.

Also, this will be a meeting group SPECIFICALLY for learning these Christian gifts…I know there are many people into other forms of spirituality, but this is not the group for that. This is for learning to operate in Christ alone, not through anything else. f you have trained in other forms of spirituality, you may find it slightly hard to put aside your other training. However, I will teach you a technique to help with this in my Intro. 

I am not charging for participating in this group. I will add a donate button to my website in case you ever desire to donate anything my way, but do not feel obligated.

Prophet of God

About Eric

The Guy

I will be your human guide for this journey, but expect God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit to really be your teachers.

I am a Prophet of God. A Seer. I haven’t share this much with people, but this is a calling I have had since I was 14 years old. I am now 35. I have picked up and learned many spiritual things along the way which are effective, and practical. I prefer to focus more on practical things, as opposed to only theoretical knowledge. Some people might consider some of these things as supernatural. I consider them spiritual.

I am not your regular religious guy. I am not a churchgoer. I have not attended a church in a decade. I walk an independent walk with just me and God.

I am also an attorney. I am quite gifted at helping break complex subjects down into simple and comprehendible. And I am good at helping you build a good understanding in an orderly and logical manner.

Help. Closure. Justice.

A Vision

Help the World With Our Gifts

For the last few months, God has  repeatedly suggested to me to use my prophetic abilities to help the police solve crimes. And it has been confirmed by the mouths of multiple witnesses that did not know anything about God speaking to me on this issue. And just recently I discovered there is a ministry that actually does this and trains people to do this.

I would LOVE to duplicate this other ministry, or start our own version of it. The way it works:

The police ask us for help with something they need. They can be very limited with their info so that they can maintain confidentiality as needed. For example, the police send a message “Where is the little girl?” We then each seek God independently for an answer, and we write it down. We all submit it, and I look through the answers. If we have multiple similar answers, then it gets turned in the police.

I actually tested this out on my own a few weeks ago. A friend of a friend was posted on Facebook as missing from work and they were trying to find him. I sought God and asked what happened. I journaled the answer I got. The next day the missing man was found (deceased, unfortunately) – and it was EXACTLY as I had journaled. The method and location of the injury, why he did it (it was a suicide), and I even saw God show me the location of where he was, but I forgot to journal that part. 

Perhaps consider joining me on this vision. As we cultivate the prophetic and get good at doing this, imagine being able to help solve crimes, even rescue children from kidnapping, sexual exploitation etc. God’s heart is for justice to happen.

Get Schooled

Study Plan

Help the World With Our Gifts


  1. Intro and Proverbs 4:23 – the start of hearing God. Journaling, reading the gospels, a simple mentality.
  2. God as our Father
  3. Dreams
  4. Prophetic Ministry
  5. More Prophetic
  6. Divine Healing: BSD
  7. Divine Healing: PMH
  8. Supernatural Finances


Be Disciplined
Zoom Meetings:
Held every Thurdsay at 7pm Central Standard Time, lasting until as late as 9pm. If enough people in the class vote for a different day and time, we can make that work.
You will read the assigned reading on your own. Please dedicate yourself to finishing the weekly reading at least four days before the Zoom meeting. You need to allow yourself time to experience some of these things in real life BEFORE the Zoom meetings. This will make sure everyone gets the most out of it.