Eric Hulin

It’s hard to explain everything about me in a box. It simply cannot be done.

But I will do my best to give you a little insight into me.

I discovered something that Jesus taught about on a number of occasions. Something hidden from the World. It’s right in front of you, but you cannot see it with you natural eyes. At least not at first.

What is this thing? It is the Kingdom of God. Here. On Earth. Now. Access to resources for every situation that life can possibly throw at us. I am here to simply share my gifts, wisdom, experiences with people, and I hope it can help you in your journey through life – and the afterlife.


I was raised in the Catholic Church from early childhood through about age 14. I was a Boy Scout in my youth.

At age 14, I met a man named David Wilder. Dave preached the gospel to me. I thought deeply about these things, and I decided that it was convincing enough. Dave believed it, and Dave seemed like a very believable guy.

At age 14, I gave my life to Christ, which to date, is the best thing I have ever done. I did not do this in a church. I did it privately, in my room, just me and God. And that night something incredible happened – which I tell the story in my blog post “The Calling.”

At age 17, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I served in the Iraq war in 2004 and 2005. While in the Marines, I studied many spiritual things, as well as martial arts. I also grew a lot in my faith in Christ.

I studied massage therapy and holistic medicine from 2006 – 2007.

I studied under and with Roger Sapp of All Nations Ministries from 2009 – 2010. This ministry is HIGHLY recommended for learning physical healing ministry, as well as supernatural stewardship.

I was then a Texas Concealed Handgun License Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor, and Firearms safety instructor from 2010 – 2015.

I was valedictorian of my police academy in 2011.

In 2014, I graduated from Concordia University, cum laude, with a BBA. I then went on to Baylor Law School where I became at attorney. I graduated from Baylor Law School in 2017.

At this time, I am a licensed attorney in Texas. I am also a Realtor, Mediator, and I co-own a web design company, Rock Web Designs. I enjoy designing websites.