07 The Education

07 The Education

There are two creations: Adam and Christ. You can be of one or the other. When you are born again, you are no longer Adam, you are now Christ. However, you don’t automatically instantly understand this. It takes renewing of your mind and thought processes. Once this happens, you will start to live differently.

Most Christians are born again and then never taught what this means for HERE AND NOW. They are taught about this future idea of going to heaven, and that supposedly that is what they are living for. But they are not taught who they are NOW. RIGHT NOW. If you only understood it, you would live it. Also, once you know who you are in Christ, you will dislike authoritarianism, as you will come to realize that we are all equals in Christ. We may have different functions, but none is greater than another.

As you understand who you are in Christ, you will find it easier to do the works of Christ. Were I to prescribe a particular course of study to help you grasp growing in Christ and faith, it would be as follows:

The Gospel

Bob Hamp, Think Differently Academy. Check out “Foundations of Freedom”, “Rewire”, and Bob’s book “Think Differently, Live Differently”

I HIGHLY recommend starting with this. If you have never heard what Bob teaches, you are missing out.


“Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt” by Dr. Roger Sapp

“Performing Miracles and Healing” by Dr. Roger Sapp

“Christ Centered Healing Seminar” by Dr. Roger Sapp

“Developing the Inner Chemistry for Healing” by Dr. Roger Sapp


“Paid in Full” series by Dr. Roger Sapp

“Poverty, Riches, and Wealth” by Kris Vallotton MINUS THE THIRD CHAPTER. After reading the third book in the Paid in Full series, you will know why I recommend skipping this chapter. The rest of the book is amazing for expanding the ideas of God helping grow business.

Identity in Christ

“The Supernatural Ways” of Royalty by Kris Vallotton

Identity in Christ meditation cards by Dr. Roger Sapp


Faith is a substance. It is actually a thing you can get more of. You do this with “God Encounters” as I will call them. You learn to hear His voice and be led by the Spirit. And that is what you do. You dedicate time every day to be led by the Spirit. Whether that is reading a book, watching something, praying, listening to music, meditating, going somewhere etc. Find a way to hear God and follow Him. Talk to Him and listen. Let Him start changing you from the depths.

As you plug into God over and over, you will find that becomes your Source. As He becomes the Source you plug into regularly, you will find that you gain more faith as a natural byproduct of being in God’s presence.

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