06 The Goal

06 The Goal

What is your life’s goal? To keep the bills paid and try to find some time for recreation? NO! Not any longer. With the reformation must come a reforming of your life goals. We must aim for greater than barely making it.

So now the goal in life is different. The goal in life is no longer to work, pay bills, and have some God and church time on the side.

The goal in life is to change the world for God. To live in the fulness of whatever you were created for. This is your new primary focus in life. You will need some tools along the way. Get equipped at doing Christ-like ministry. To be able to heal the sick, minister to the broken hearted, prophesy to people. To bring the voice and heart of God into the world. As we learn and grow in these things in a hands-on environment, it becomes easier to take these gifts outside of our “training camp” (church), and to invade our world with them. If I have a job, I serve the Lord. Work just becomes an incidental thing in life.

For those who still struggle with operating in the spiritual gifts, take hope. They are actually quite easy to get moving in. The honest answer is we almost always over complicate things, and to get something working well, we must simplify. And simplification can be much simpler than having to learn more complex things. You CAN learn to heal the sick. You CAN learn to operate in the gifts.

If the church family should have wise people that can create one or more businesses, it may even be possible for the church to finance the family. The church could literally pay its people to help build its business(es). Maybe in sales, many congregation members could get out and sell in their day to day lives, giving them double opportunity. It would be an opportunity to increase the business. But it would also be an opportunity to minister to people and let them have God encounters. A chance to enhance someone’s day, and life. Bringing God into the world. And this is the beginning of revival.

If the church family should grow a business and be a good steward with it, they could potentially pay off the debts of their family. Bless people. And this would just free people up even more to be able to serve God, since they could spend less time having to work to make ends meet.

Practical Targets

In the military they used to always say that you are only as strong as your weakest link. What is the weakest link in your cities? Where is the most crime happening? Where are the poorest areas of town?

Figure out a plan to solve the weakest links in your cities. How can you bring God into these areas? How can you make these areas no longer suffer? Is your God big enough to change the world? If you can see it, you can achieve it.

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