03 Lide and Death – The First Principality Confirmed

03 Lide and Death – The First Principality Confirmed

Yesterday I posted about authoritarianism. This is something I have known for quite a while to be an issue. Yet I still wondered yesterday after writing these things whether I am in fact hearing Him correctly, as I realize I am rocking the boat with what He is telling me. But last night something cool occurred.


While I was talking to God, He gave me the word Lide. I thought I was seeing it wrong, I thought perhaps it was supposed to be Life (perhaps God misspoke, or I mis saw – it was a vision of a word), but I decided to Google that word Lide. I have never heard the word Lide before. There are not many pages with the word “Lide” on it. But I found one – Urban Dictionary. Something about this website caught my eye, so I clicked on it.

I am going to include three photos here. The first is what I saw for Lide. The second is what was right underneath it – the Word of the Day for June 07. The third is me asking someone else to check the website at their house (on a different internet). I know that websites can track my online activity and try to make the ads relevant, so I wanted to make sure that was not occurring. I asked a relative of mine to check it, and she confirmed that it was in fact the same thing she saw.

Lide. I found that definition interesting since we indeed have a large problem that is not solvable without a sacrifice.


Last night, Christ asked me something He has never asked me before. He asked me if I would die for Him. He asked me how committed I truly was to Him. He asked me if I would be willing to give up my spirit and my life, and let Him take over my body and operate through me. Could I give up my spirit, as He did on the cross, so that it is no longer I that live, but Christ who lives through me? Like could I do it right there, on the spot? Not in some future when I am old sense, but here and now, could I sacrifice everything for Him?

He asked me, if He was in need of a heart, would I be willing to let them take my heart and give it to Him as a heart transplant, so that He may live, even at the cost of my own life? I realized that I have never truly sat down and pondered whether I was willing to give up my life for Christ.

One verse that has always been deep within my heart is “Love has none greater than this – that a man lay down his life for his friends.” There are two ways to interpret this verse. One way would be to take a bullet for your friend, and you die so that your friend my live. But the harder way to interpret this verse is the one I have always strived for. To become a living sacrifice. To be willing to give up my years of life and my personal desires to serve Christ, that my friends may be benefited.

I then envisioned the second movie Pirates of the Caribbean. At the end of the movie, there is this voodoo lady where the pirates are with her and they are trying to figure out if there is a way to go to the realm of the dead and retrieve Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). And she says to them something to the effect of “would you go to the ends of the earth to get him back? How far would you go?”

How far would you go for Christ? What level of commitment do you have to following Christ? If not, you must ask yourself whether following Him is a way of life for you, or just something that is cool to do to a certain level.