01 Martin Luther – A Name That God Calls Me

01 Martin Luther – A Name That God Calls Me

The vision that God has given me is a unique one. He has shown me how to finish the Reformation to prepare to the Bride. This is the next step that MUST be taken to prepare the Bride. And NOW is the time.

I am going to share with you here everything I know about this. I am going to share the vision that I had while in a trace. I am going to share what God spoke to me. I am going to share with you the confirmation He gave me, confirmed by another prophet. I am going to give you the understanding of why I know these things to be true. And then I am going to share with you about two major principalities that are the glue of the modern structure which must be unraveled and understood to fully break free.

These things I share with you as encouragement. I realize that many people could become easily offended, as their current way may not line up with this future vision. But I am going to encourage you to prayerfully consider these things, and be encouraged that the path you are moving to is a more awesome one as we near the end times. God gives correction to those that He LOVES so that they may become more Christ like. Do not think of correction as condemnation. It is not “you are doing bad”, but rather “come over here, and do better.”

Pastors, I want to encourage you especially in this. What I am hearing from God is asking the most of you. It is asking you to make some huge sacrifices of your way of life, for the Kingdom’s sake. You are key to helping prepare the Bride.

A Trance

April 16, 2020. I was praying and meditating at night, as I do most every night. This particular night I fell into a trance and I had a vision.

I walked into the doors of a building, that appeared to be like a school gymnasium. It was a large room with just one level/floor (no stage). Off to the right, there was a microphone on a stand. There appeared to be speakers around the room that the microphone was connected to. The microphone appeared to be open for anyone to use as they felt led.

As I continued looking around the room, there were circles of chairs setup. Although there were no people present in the room other than me, I knew what these groups of chairs were for. One group was for prophecy. People could go into this circle of chairs and they could receive prophetic ministry. They could learn to prophesy. They could give prophetic ministry. There was to be a mature prophet (fivefold minister, so to speak) helping to guide and equip the group, but not dominating the group.

There was another circle of chairs for healing. Here, there would be someone fluent in healing that was supervising. People could come and learn to heal the sick. The sick can come in and receive healing.

Around the room it was circles of people operating in some of the various gifts. People praying. People ministering. The Holy Spirit was working through people.

Noticeably absent from the room was any one person in “charge” of the room. There was no “let’s transition from music to my sermon” going on. The Holy Spirit appeared to be in charge here. It was unique. It was as though I had been here before, except I had never quite been here before. There did not really appear to be a system in place. There was no designated show up time and leave time. You could come and go as you please. People could walk into the room, experience God through one of the gifts, and then they could leave if they so desired. And I realized something. One Encounter with the living God for 5 minutes has more power than 100 sermons to change a man.

Another Name

April 17, 2020, daytime. ALL DAY LONG God said to me “Martin Luther.” I did not hear another thing that day until the evening. Just repeating “Martin Luther” all day long. I was starting to think I had finally snapped. I mean, I had just had a vision the previous night of a church that was very different than what most people know as church. And now I was hearing Martin Luther…what was this about?

The Confirmation

April 17, 2020, night time. This particular night I was hosting an online prophetic meeting with my friend Mary Crews who is EXTREMELY gifted and accurate in personal prophecy. She encourages like only a matured prophet can. After she ministered to everyone else, she prayed/prophesied over me. During the prophesy, she looks at me and says “Martin Luther.” I had not told her about what God had shown me in the trance or what He had been calling me all day. It became clear to me that I was indeed hearing accurately.

The Foundational Problem

Dare I say that Martin Luther did not truly Reform the entire church. He just divided it by changing one large belief system. But I want you to think of this from the bigger picture for a little bit. Let’s talk about Hawaii.

My objective: I live in Texas, and I am trying to fly to Hawaii. Hawaii is where I really want to go. That is my goal, so to speak.

My problem: My truck does not get good gas mileage.

So I take a look at my truck one day, and I realize, the engine inside of my truck does not get very good gas mileage. My truck needs a whole new engine so that I can get better gas mileage. So I swap out the engine to get better gas mileage. And then I drive around and around, hoping that one day, my truck will take off from the ground and fly me to Hawaii.

This was Martin Luther’s Reformation.

You likely see a huge issue here – my truck was never created to fly in the first place. Changing out the major thing that causes my truck to operate might help my experience with my truck, but it does not help my objective. In order to fly to Hawaii, I need a completely different vehicle – I need an airplane.

The church went from a truck with bad gas mileage to a truck with slightly better gas mileage. But it did not consider its objective, and whether its structure would get it to the goal. We don’t need a new engine in our truck; we need a need an airplane.

Martin Luther discovered that his vehicle was inefficient, and so he changed out the engine. He was in the wrong place and he knew that he needed to be somewhere else. But he did not know where somewhere else was – he just knew it wasn’t where he was at.

Insanity Cannot Create Revival

There is a saying that goes:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”

Every pastor I have ever met desires nothing more than to have revival in their church. They desire nothing more than to see the Spirit of God moving like none other. But what if they were faced with a choice. What if they had to choose between the Spirit of God moving versus their current model of church? Would the pastors have the strength to make the sacrifice in order for God to increase His reigning on earth? Could the pastors find in within themselves to change the structure of their church? Could they change from a truck to an airplane?

One thing I did forget to mention. Most of us cannot fly an airplane, but most of us can drive a truck. Which means the pastors just might not be the vehicle drivers anymore once they get into the proper vehicle to get them to Hawaii. But is that so bad? How many pastors are overworked, overly burdened? How many pastors desperately need time to kick back and relax and take a break? How many pastors do we lose from the faith because we put far more burden on them than was ever intended?

The current model of the church is built wrong from the ground up. We are copying and pasting the same structure of church as everyone else, hoping that somehow we will magically get different results in our church. Yet we have some many variations amongst the church. I can tell you what does not bring revival from observing these variations.

Different doctrines do not bring revival. We have many denominations, all with the same results. Sermons do not bring revival. I am unsure why this mindset is so, but there appears to be a mindset where every pastor I have met feels their sermons are more magical than the next guy’s, and therefore they believe they will magically have a revival even though they are not doing anything different than the next guy. It is as though they are saying “my truck will get better mileage than his truck”, yet I am over here standing in front of an empty airplane waiting for everyone to join me to go to Hawaii.


Many prophets do not get along with pastors. But my heart absolutely breaks for pastors. When I think of you, I think of the scripture:

 “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

I know you are overworked. I know you are over burdened. I know you are trying your hardest to fulfill the call of God on your lives. But there is a more excellent way to fulfill this call, and I will do my best to encourage you towards a better understanding of it. I am going to start by going deep into something that many pastors are trapped inside of, and many cannot even see it. But there is something inside of most pastors where they know what I say to be true, and the freedom that comes from embracing it allows you to no longer be overly burdened. As you embrace this truth, I suspect you will find rest, AND a greater fulfilling of your calling like never before.

I will continue addressing this over the next few days. I will address a couple of the principalities that have trapped the church.