The $60,000 Miracle

The $60,000 Miracle

2012 ish, Austin, Texas. I am now married. We were poor. Our bank account was in the negative many months. I had a job making around $10/hour. We had racked up a LOT of debt. Credit cards maxed out. Anxiety was starting to get the better of me. I had to refocus upon Roger Sapp’s stewardship teachings.

I probably read through Roger’s books and Matthew 6 so many times it was not even funny. With my mind prepared, a good heart, and proper motives, I prayed with my wife for the Lord to bring us $60,000 to pay off our debts and so we could have some money for things.


Because I want you to be able to get the most out of my stories, I am going to be somewhat more transparent than I would really like to be. I am going to be personal and let you see into my life.

But I want you to understand something. God can use ALLLLLLLL kinds of situations to provide for your needs. You do NOT need to limit yourself and say “well that was Eric, I don’t have that situation in may life.” WRONG! You have the SAME God as me, and it is GOD that provides. He can overcome our natural circumstances to provide.

Semper Fi

I served in the Iraq war in 2004 and 2005. I came back from Iraq with a LOT of physical problems, and some very weird ones. Lots of the unexplainable Gulf War symptoms haunted me. Most of the conditions are not apparent when you look at me. When I got out of the Marines, I had applied to the VA (Dept. of Veterans Affairs) for VA disability. The VA had turned me down for a lot of things and did not pay me for all of these conditions. I did not know any better at the time, so I just pushed this to the side and forgot about it.


Before I was a lawyer, I was many things. One of the things I was happened to be a Concealed Handgun License Instructor for Texas. One day I had this guy named Victor come through my class. Victor was a Godsend. Victor happened to work for the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC). The TVC helped veterans with their disability claims with the VA. Victor had me give him certain info, and he looked over my paperwork with the VA.

I get a call at some point in the next month or two from Victor. “Eric, I found this error the VA made on your disability claim paperwork. They are going to backpay you from 2006.” Guess how much that backpay was for? Just over $60,000. Victor may not know this, but he was used as an instrument of God for me. He literally delivered the answer to my prayers. His work with looking through my paperwork and fighting the VA for me delivered me and my wife from an incredible financial struggle.

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