A Beggar and Some Tacos

A Beggar and Some Tacos

San Diego, California, around the year 2007.

I was at a gas station on Linda Vista Road, just down the street from the church. I was putting around $8 in gas in my car, and I had maybe $20 beyond that to my name, in the form of a $20 bill.

While I was pumping gas, the attendant inside the store threw a beggar out of the store for begging. He LITERALLY shoved the beggar right outside the door of the gas station and yelled at him. The beggar dude was scrawny. I could tell that he was hungry. I called him over to me. I took him in my car across the street to some taco place and I let him order food. I pulled that $20 out of my pocket and handed it to the cashier. I seem to recall the dude ordering around $12 worth of food and drinks. I thought it was a bit much considering the change is all I would have left until I could get more money or get paid again. And then I handed all of the change to the beggar. My gas tank was no longer on empty, but my wallet was.


I had been studying stewardship. Roger Sapp had written this book series called “Paid in Full” (which is still available on his website). I was learning about RADICALLY trusting God for provision. For food. For money. For clothing. For shelter. For everything. These books helped reform my mentality to think about finances the way that Christ taught, which I had NEVER heard in ANY church, EVER. And I had been to a LOT of churches at this point in life.

I just gave away the last $20 to my name. I had no money left. Only God knew this. I was going to get paid about a week later. And I had no food at home. But at this point in life, I had been almost three weeks straight without food back during my 19th birthday, when I did it for God. I wasn’t afraid of not having food.

I did not miss one single meal between that night and payday. I cannot even tell you all the stories, I just remember having food for every meal from then until I got paid again. I was learning that Father was reliable. He would indeed provide, so long as I understood certain things. Fortunately, Roger taught these things in his books.

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