A Prophetic Dream – Cancer

A Prophetic Dream – Cancer

I previously mentioned my 19th birthday gift from God – the gift of healing. But I had only a limited amount of experience and understanding with it. God had helped me discover this minister named Roger Sapp, who I started talking to while I was on active duty. I had a hunch that Roger’s ministry would be helpful to me in the future.

In 2009 I was living in Austin, Texas. I got a call from Joshua Daniels, who I have mentioned in some previous posts. Soon I will dedicate an entire post to Joshua. Anyways, Joshua called me one day when I was at Home Depot and Joshua said “Eric, I think it is time for you to go study under Roger.” And that started it.

I moved to Roger’s house around March 2009. And soon into being there, I had a dream.

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Having prophetic dreams happens to me a bit. It is not completely uncommon for me to see the past, present, or future in a dream. It doesn’t happen every night or every week – but it does happen sporadically.

By the way, if you are wanting to hear from God, ask Him to give you dreams. There are many types of dreams out there, but God can minister to you and speak to you in dreams.

So there I was, new to Roger’s house and ministry. And I had a dream where God showed me that Roger had cancer. And I asked God “have you brought me here just to watch this healing minister die of cancer and crush my faith?”

Roger Sapp. Minister of healing. Estimated over 30,000 miraculous healings in his ministry to date. And he had cancer.

God responded and said “No, he will be healed.”

I did not know what to do with this dream. I was wondering if it was symbolic in some manner. I walked out to the kitchen, and in walks Roger and his wife from outside the house. “Eric, I have something to tell you.”


It is one thing to believe in healing. But it is another thing to receive healing. And the same faith can do either for us.

Roger walked in to the house and said “Eric, I have something to tell you. I just came back from the doctor. I have cancer.”

I listened, knowing I just had a dream about this very thing. But I did not say anything about my dream at the time. Looking back, I realize I should have at a minimum journaled that dream and then shown it to Roger. Or I should have perhaps interrupted and told him my dream. But the dream was so fresh on my mind I was still thinking about what it meant! I realize now that my dream could have been an incredible encouragement for both Roger and his wife.

By the way, Roger got healed. We had a healing meeting in Colorado where Roger was teaching on healing, and there was a group of us including Mary Crews that laid hands on Roger and ministered healing to him. And he was healed. This was in 2009, and to date, Roger is still healed of that cancer.

I will write more about Roger elsewhere when I teach on healing, but his ministry is amazing, and his books are EXCELLENT for learning healing and some other things. Roger Sapp of All Nations Ministries.

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