The Gift of Faith

The Gift of Faith

A couple weeks ago God let me experience the Gift of Faith. It was amazing. I had been meditating on Genesis 1, the Creation. Meditating on the Creation of the universe. I saw it as I have never seen it before. And even then, I still have so many questions. But Genesis 1 and John 1 are VERY Complimentary to each other. Meditate through them separately.

I was somewhat afraid of my prophetic giftings. Prophets have a certain way of scaring off everyone…I did not want to do that. Hence part of why I went somewhat dormant in my call for a decade. But I recently re enrolled in a prophetic schooling to help cultivate my gifts, and during the initial phone interview, the guy I interviewed with gave me prophetic insight – a word from God. And within that word he described me as a fire. Which you can put outside and it causes all kinds of destruction. Or you can put it in the fireplace, and it gives warmth, light, and comfort to the whole house. That word was beautiful to me.

There I was, sitting in front of my fireplace, Hakuna Matata’d to the max. I was thinking about being the fire in the fireplace, so to speak. Just letting God change my heart. And then He did something awesome.

Mustard Seed

Everyone has faith, at least a small measure of faith. I have done healing ministry and seen a number of people healed. None of this was ever done with the Gift of Faith – it was just plain old regular faith. Mustard seed faith. I have only ever operated from regular faith. I had never even considered praying for the gift of faith…

Sometimes doubt prevents your mustard seed faith from working to its fullest. But this is still regular old faith. The Gift of Faith is something different.

Was that a Superpower..?

There I was, in front of the fireplace, and I experienced the Gift of Faith. A touch of the creation power of Genesis. The force by which the world was created. The ability to create. The ability to believe in anything. The ability to walk on water. To call things forth into existence. I was plugged into the Word. Into Jesus. As you meditate on Genesis 1 and John 1, you begin to realize that Christ is the force by which the world was created. And that force lives in you, if you have given your life to Christ.

I debated whether to do something with it. It has been a while since I have seen Christ, in person. I thought about calling Him to me. But I decided to just sit there and enjoy this gift, to enjoy the experience. I had faith that this would not be the only time God ever blessed me with this gift and experience.

It was amazing. I had the mind of Christ at that moment in time. Completely. My doubts were gone. My humanity was gone. My limitations were gone. It was like I let Jesus take over my body, and I got to feel what He feels. I assure you He operated in the gift of Faith. This is how the miracles happened.

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