Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance

San Diego, California – circa 2003 through 2006. I was in the United States Marine Corps at the time.

I did not have many friends in the Marines. I was too young to go to the bars. And I had a couple things going on:

1) An incredible hunger to improve myself,

2) An incredible love for God

So, I used to hang out in my room, listen to music, and dance before God. It was just silly. But I found pleasure in it. Also – I do NOT recommend doing this…but I had a big knife obsession at the time. So I actually danced with knives. I tossed them and became very good back then at catching the knives. Throwing knives, butterfly knives, switchblades, etc – I did it all.

I did this a LOT over the course of a few years. And something unique started to happen to me.

My Children

My heart became knit to the heart of God. I began to feel His love for every one of his children. To this day, I still feel it. I feel how much Father cares for every human being, no matter what they have done, no matter where they are in life, no matter what they believe. He loves you all, incredibly so.

And then I began to know their names. Your names. I would meet people, and I would know their first AND middle names. This happened constantly to me.

I also began to lose my pride. My masks that had been built up over time. The shields around my heart. Gone. All gone. As I did something that I found absolutely silly, it began to strip away all the negative outer layers. It became not just silly, but therapeutic.

Ballet. Tap Dancing. 80’s dancing. Ballroom dancing. Attempting to dance.

It all counts. Dance. Just do it. Lose yourself in the music. Lose yourself before God.

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