Prophetic Evangelism with Healing

Prophetic Evangelism with Healing

Mission Beach, San Diego. Circa 2003. With Jim and Deborah that you read about in yesterday’s post.

We were in Mission Beach and there was a man we bumped into that Jim started talking to. The man had back problems. Jim started quoting John 3:16 but filled the guy’s name in to the verse. I forget the guy’s name, but we will use David for the example. So Jim said “For God so loved David, that He gave His only begotten Son that whenever David believes in Him, David will have eternal life.”

I watched David’s back re-align itself right there, as Jim was speaking that verse of scripture. We saw it happen and heard a pop or two. We did not hang out with David much longer after that. Just a few minutes of chit chat, healing on his back, and on our way. David got a touch of Jesus’s love that day.

Rhema – the ability to speak forth things into existence. This is something common with God’s prophetic people. I don’t know how prophetic Jim is, as I have not talked to him in a decade. But I watched Jim do this on that day, and it was cool to watch.

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