Prophetic Evangelism

Prophetic Evangelism

You can hear the voice of God. And then you can use it in evangelism.

Remember the goal of evangelism is not to convince people to attend Sunday services. It is to bring people into the Kingdom of God. But your goal is simply to bring the love of Christ – not to force it upon people.

I was in San Diego, somewhere around 2003 ish, and we were out at Mission Beach one weeknight. I was still a little younger and newer in my prophetic giftings, so I prayed that God would give me insight into how to reach out to people on the beach. I was with a group of two other people – my buddy Jim, and a girl that I cannot remember her name because it has been so long and we were never close. Deborah? Something to that effect.

Anyways, there was a guy sitting on a wall next to one of the surf shops. And a few feet away from him there were a couple of women. They appeared to all be together as a group. Jim & Deborah talked to the girls. I approached the guy sitting somewhat by himself and I asked God (quietly on the inside) to give me something for the guy. And He did. God told me to talk to the guy about the voices in his head that he has been listening to…sounded to me like this was a schizo or something – yet here I am listening to the voice of God in my own head/spirit. But I felt a download of knowledge drop into me.

So I asked the guy – why do you keep listening to the wrong voice in your head. To a normal person, this question would probably seem weird. But the guy did not miss a beat. “I know. I know. I keep listening to the one that tells me to do the bad things, but I should be listening to the other one.”

We talked for a bit about Jesus and spiritual things. I encouraged the guy to consider following the good voice and to give his life to Christ. Then the girls next to us chimed in and argued that not everyone would be saved, and that they would prefer not to be saved! I was somewhat shocked with that response. We left shortly thereafter. But as I walked away, I looked back to the dude and I said “Hey! How did I know about the voices in your head?”

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