A War and a Filipino

A War and a Filipino

I was in the Iraq war in 2004 and 2005. This story is from 2004.

We had a Filipino guy that helped out at the MWR tent. It was the place we could make phone calls back to family members, and browse the internet. I had given this guy a book that I was a big fan of back then, which I will discuss in another blog. But the book was from Art Mathis, and it was called “Biblical Foundations of Freedom.” Then one day the Filipino dude stopped by my tent. He needed prayer. Well, actually he needed healing, which is technically different than prayer. Hence why many people praying for healing don’t receive it – that is not the right way to approach healing.

Blurry Eyes

Filipino guy was having eye problems. His vision was starting to go blurry from working on computers all day long and he was going to need glasses – but finding prescription glasses in the middle of a war zone is not an easy feat. He asked me to pray for him. I was nearsighted and wore glasses myself. I gently laid hands on his eyes and ministered healing to him.

“This healing belongs to you because of what Jesus has done.” I felt a little trickle of electricity from my hands, but not much. But it was enough to do the job. Filipino guy received his healing. I followed up with him regularly and he was just fine.

In the midst of Iraq, without me being super spiritual or churchy, God was still willing to use me. Iraq had caused me issues with my faith. I was struggling with my faith at that point, so this was very motivating for me.

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