Almost Paralyzed…and Healed

Almost Paralyzed…and Healed

When I was going to Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego, there was a dude there named Joshua Loya. Joshua was blind. We became friends, and he was into wrestling, and I was studying jiu jitsu. We decided to compete one day. I figured what the heck, he’s blind, how good can he be?

I managed to get home that day. Barely. I had gotten my ass kicked by Joshua. I wasn’t sure if I had broken my back or not, but I was still somewhat able to walk.

When I got out of bed the next day, I could barely stand up. I was supposed to walk to the store on base, but I realized that I was almost paralyzed. I could barely move my body. I think most people would have called the doctor or gone to a hospital. But you need to know a few things about me.

  1. I’m tough. Or stubborn. I have experienced some very tough things in life, and pain doesn’t bother me. That’s part of why I was a Marine.
  2. I have even performed one of my own surgeries before, around age 15, with no pain medication. I had to dig something out of the bottom of my foot that was some sort of unusual thing that was rooted in my foot. I had to cut into my foot, a circle about 1″ diameter, with depth of about 1/2″ to 1″ deep to remove this. I did it with a Swiss Army knife.
  3. It was the weekend. I was a young Marine. I did not even know who I would call.


I had this book from Roger Sapp called “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt” and his video called “14 Healings and Miracles” I read this book and watched the video and decided I would try to do what I saw Roger do – with one difference. Roger was laying hands on other people. I decided I was going to lay hands on myself.

I also happened to be sitting at my computer that day talking to a man I met online named “Serge Esperance.” I believe Serge is now a minister somewhere. I kept Serge apprised to what I was studying and doing. I used to talk a lot of spiritual things with Serge.

There I was, sitting in my chair barely able to move in EXCRUCIATING back pain. I laid hands on my back, just like I saw Roger do in that video. And then I said the little chant that Roger loved to say, which was a practical reminder. “This healing belongs to me because of what Jesus has done.” And all of a sudden I started feeling heat flow and my back heat up. My back pain melted, and it was as though my back was re-adjusted to how it was supposed to be.

I was sooooo excited about this. I had actually prayed to be healed, and I had gotten healed!!

Side Note: I looked Joshua up on Facebook recently. He is now like some black belt Martial arts guy. Rightfully so.

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