I Hitched a Ride…to a Miracle

I Hitched a Ride…to a Miracle

I had been attending a church called “The Rock” in San Diego. The main pastor was a former football player names Miles McPherson. The Rock was a mega church, and so they had these small group meetings so that you could actually meet some people and make some friends. I went to a small group one day and there was this older red-headed dude named Joshua Daniels. Joshua was…well, I was convinced that I was going to help Joshua meet Jesus. He seemed like he very much needed Jesus. He wasn’t all “churchy” like I expected good Christian people to be. Joshua was probably a good 20 years older than me.

At the end of the small group meeting, we did a prayer circle where we held hands and prayed. And Joshua happened to be next to me. He took my hand, and I felt electric energy flowing from his hands into me. It’s kind of like when you lick a 9-volt battery and feel the electricity flowing. After the prayer circle, I asked him “How did you do that?” And he wasn’t sure exactly what I was talking about, because I did not explain.

I Hitched a Ride

I needed a ride back to the military base, because I did not yet have a car, and I had carpooled to the meeting with this girl that lived on base. Joshua offered me a ride. I went for it. After all, I felt electricity coming from this dude…I wanted to learn more. On the way back to the base, Joshua started talking about this concept of “Spirit Led Prayer.” We got back to base and I invited Joshua to hang out for a bit in my barracks room. You may think it weird for a 19 year old to invite a 40 year old to hang out, but growing up, many of my friends were 20+ years older than me. Joshua had me sit down in a chair, and he put his hand on my shoulder and started praying for me.

Preface to the next part: I have suffered from neck pain much of my life. My neck was in excruciating pain at this point in life, but I never told anyone about it. I was used to living in pain. But I could barely sleep most nights because of my neck.

A Miracle

Joshua sat there quietly for a little bit. And then all of a sadden, he puts his hand on my neck and starts praying for my neck to be healed. I felt an incredible heat throughout my neck. And the pain just melted away.

I had not told Joshua about my neck. God had. And God empowered Joshua to minister healing to my neck.

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