Free Food – Kinda Sorta

Free Food – Kinda Sorta

So back when I was in the Marines, around 2004 ish, I was going to a church called Sabre Springs Foursquare Church. And one day they were passing the collection plate around and I was ready to give – and God told me to quit tithing. I know my Father’s voice very well, so I obeyed. But I did not understand why.

Over the next year or so, as I pursued learning my healing gift, I discovered the ministry of All Nations Ministries by Roger Sapp. And he had a few books on supernatural finances. Roger also taught something VERY different from the traditional tithing teaching of the churches. I started studying and learning about supernatural provision – the ability to pray and receive from God. The ability to receive food, clothing, finances etc.

TransAm with T-Tops

I worked at a church at the time that was Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego. It was on Linda Vista Road, and it is the Clamshell church building. It was a VERY cool building. I used to climb to the top of the clamshell and you could see all the way to the ocean. It made for beautiful views at nighttime. We had this kinda weird guy named Rick that would come through the church. Rick drove what I remember was a TransAm with T-Tops. One day Rick asks me and my buddy Ryan if we want to make some extra money helping him with carpet cleaning. I was poor, so heck yea!

(Side note: Yes, I worked for the church and was poor. The church let me live in their missionary housing behind the church, and then the church charged me 100% of what they paid me just to live in their missionary housing. I had to get overnight jobs to have food money.)

There I was, sitting in a TransAm that was FULL of junk. FULL of cleaning stuff. I could not even get my seatbelt on; I was just crammed into the car. And Rick was flying. As we are getting to the house, I decide to pray quietly for some food. I am really in the mood for a meatball sub sandwich, so that is what I prayed for. “God, I am asking you for a meatball sub sandwich for lunch.” We get done cleaning the house and Rick calls us over. “The owners of the home are feeding us lunch.” Good because I am starving! I enter the kitchen and…

There on the table are three plates with some food for me, Rick, and Ryan. And over on the stove area is meatball sub sandwich stuff. The owners are making meatball subs for themselves, but that’s not what is on my plate…

What the heck?! I prayed for a meatball sub sandwich. Do you know how rare it is for people to eat those for lunch??? And there is the food I prayed for, which I am staring at, while I am eating my food which is NOT a meatball sub. It is still free food though. But I did not know what to. I probably could have asked the homeowners for a meatball sub, but I did not feel that was my place (I was much quieter and shy back then.) So I just pondered on this throughout the week. I just thought to myself “I prayed the food into the house. But I did not quite pray it onto my plate. I need to keep pressing into this thing.”

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