The Time I Met Jesus

The Time I Met Jesus

I gave my life to Christ when I was 14. But that is not when I literally met Jesus. When I was in the Marines, around 2003, I was pursuing learning many spiritual things. I was trying to learn more about the prophetic gifting within me so I could cultivate it. And that led me to a ministry that was known back then as G.M.R.N. GMRN had a prophetic training program that was in its infancy back then. More on that in another blog.

I was also trying to learn about healing. I was trying to cultivate that 19th birthday gift from God (the gift of healing, discussed in another blog). The pursuit of learning about healing led me to a man named Roger Sapp of All Nations Ministries. That was the JACKPOT for learning about healing. But I did not know that yet.

I am going to tell you that there were two different things that happened, and I cannot remember whether they happened on the same day, or just around the same time of life. This was many years ago, so I will do my best to be as accurate as possible.

Jesus Annoyed Me

I had been watching this video by Roger Sapp on healing. I read his book called “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt” and then watched this video called “14 visible healings and miracles.” He had a few other audio and video messages back then, he has many more now. But I was listening to Roger and he annoyed the heck out of me, and I realized that it was because he said the name Jesus so many times whenever he was teaching and preaching. It annoyed me. I did not like it.

Another Book

One day, around the same time of life, maybe even the same day, I was reading a very unique book. I believe this book was particularly written for prophetic individuals. This book has mostly disappeared from the Internet, so I do not know that it exist in print form any longer. But while I was reading it, something happened to me. And then I had a revelation.

If Jesus is what I have put my faith in, the guy that I accepted into my heart as my Lord and Savior when I was 14, why does the name Jesus bother me so much? Why does this annoy me so much? If I truly believed in this faith, I feel like I should have greater love for the name of Jesus.

And all of a sudden it hit me. I claimed to be a Christian, I had been walking with Christ for at least five years by this point. I had heard the voice of God speak to me on numerous occasions. And yet Jesus, the entire focus of the Christian faith, was something that bothered me.

I prayed. I repented. I asked God to change my heart so that the name Jesus would quit annoying me, and instead that I would feel the proper love for Christ that I was supposed to feel.

And then I broke down. I fell to my knees from the chair that I had been reading in. And standing before me, was Jesus Christ. I could not bear to look up. I only got to see His feet. But I got to experience something amazing, which I will describe here. I got to experience agape love.

Agape Love

Agape love is something that is spoken about in Scripture. It is the highest form of love. Whenever Christ appeared before me, the only way I can describe it is as though I became completely naked and disassembled. As though I had been disassembled into every molecule and every atom of my entire being and every action that I had committed or would ever commit. From the beginning to the end of my existence. He can see everything. Nothing was hidden.

I kneeled there, humbled and broken, not even close to worthy to be in His presence. And yet, with Him able to see everything I had ever done and would ever do, there was this incredible overwhelming love that I could feel radiating throughout my entire being. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. There is no way that anybody could ever experience that and deny the existence of God. I understand now why people will fall to their knees in His presence.

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