Rain Rain, Go Away – I Wanted to Play

Rain Rain, Go Away – I Wanted to Play

I was stationed in San Diego and lived there from January 2003 to September 2007. One day I was hanging out with a few of my friends at a park with a lake. At this park, they had fishing, and these little peddle boats.

We bought tickets for the peddle boats. But before we got on the boats, it started to rain. It does not rain a ton in San Diego, but rain came out of nowhere to try and dampen our fun. We decided to go back inside the little building where they sold the tickets, and we were debating what to do. We only had a little time left to get on a boat before they closed for the day.

God Loves Fun

I had been convinced that God created the earth for us to enjoy. And this particular day, I believed God wanted us to enjoy these boats on the water, without it pouring down rain on us.

I called my friends over. It was me, Brant, another Eric, and Issac (Eric’s brother). I said “hey, I think God wants us to enjoy His creation. Let’s pray right now for the rain to go away.”

We held hands in a circle and I prayed very simply for the rain to go away. After praying, we decided we would go back inside and wait for the rain to go away. We did not even make it the 30 second walk back inside the building when the rain clouds all disappeared. We went straight down to the boats, and with less than 15 minutes left to get on the boats before the last call, we rode around the lake and had fun.

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