How To Hear God – In the Secret Place

How To Hear God – In the Secret Place

So I’m gonna do it. I’m going to tell you one of my favorite ways to hear God, and everything I do to get there. That way you can copy it and see if it works for you. This post is long, but actually implementing this process is quick. I just want to spend some time so you understand the why’s behind some of these things.

But first, I am going to start by sharing with you what God told me last night and today.

God Misses You

God Loves YOU. He created Man. And He enjoys when Man spends time with Him. But it is becoming less common for people to spend time with Him. God is missing his Mankind creation.

Right now it’s kind of like when you get married and quit dating. It’s time to restore that old flame. It’s time to go on dates with God. When Man starts spending time with God again, He enjoys it. The more the merrier.

Too many people these days write God off as something for religion. That’s crap. He is not limited to a box. And He indeed exists. The religious people killed God’s Son. What makes you think He loves them more than You?


By the way, God is Spirit. What I am teaching you to do is to listen to your spirit. It is your spirit that can communicate with God’s spirit.

Prime Yourself

At some point during the day, I will take the time to read or listen to the Bible. I have an audio version of the Bible that I really enjoy called “Word of Promise.” It is easy on the ears and entertaining. There are a variety of voices reading it so it’s not too blah.

I like listening to and reading the Bible. Reading allows me to slow down. Listening allows me to see the bigger picture. I learn A LOT of things this way, through audio.

Prime Yourself. There is something calming to the mind and spirit when you read the Scriptures. It might also be helpful to limit the external negativities on you that day – But that is not an absolute. Those can be handled – Hakuna Matata.

Also – I do not necessarily consider going to a church service as priming yourself. Although it could be, but do not rely on being spoon fed the Word of God. Read it for yourself. Honestly I hear from God every time I sit down in a pew. Sometimes I barely hear the pastor because God speaks to me so much.

Get Naked – Literally

Get naked. This means more than one thing. Keep in mind the concept “nothing hidden before God.” This is your goal.

First, I legit strip down to my birthday suit and literally get butt naked. Or at least if I am in a spot that I can. Can’t do this out in public!

The Garden Of Eden. God walked with Man, and Man was naked. Man started wearing clothing after he sinned and ate of the forbidden tree. This is because man became afraid of their nakedness like it was something wrong.

Genesis 3:10. “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

I am hanging out with God. And I am gonna do it just like it was done in the Garden of Eden at the Beginning. Butt naked. Mentally this helps me to “have nothing hidden before God.”

Get Naked – Hakuna Matata

Proverbs 4:23 “Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.

I worry. I’m anxious. I have read Matthew 6 probably over 250 times. Matthew chapter 6 is the best chapter to meditate on for anxiety. But worries still come.

I sit there, physically naked, and work on getting mentally naked. “God, I am worried about money. I give this worry to you, because I cannot change anything by simply worrying about it.” I do this OUT LOUD. I talk out loud to God, just like I would talk to you. Practice His presence. Because He is there. “God, I am worried about [insert anything on your heart]. I give you this worry from me. It’s your problem now, You deal with it.” I don’t ask God pretty please would He be so kind. Not at all. I stand in faith, knowing the will of God. He WILL because His WORD says so. He is MY God, and He does NOT get a choice in the matter. That is my mentality.

Another way to think about that last concept – I come in faith. It’s not that I come bossy to God. It’s that I come completely believing in Him. I have no doubts about what He will do for me. He is indeed reliable.

I give God everything. All my worries, concerns, things running through my mind. I hand them ALL to Him. I empty my mind of them. I do this until there is nothing left. My mind becomes empty. Also – this is God. Get rid of your stuck up attitudes. He is infinitely more awesome than you will ever be. Come humbly.

Get rid of your “I must do XYZ before God can be with Me.” You are allowed to talk to God because of the sacrifice of Jesus. The mental vision: It’s a Trojan horse. Jesus is the horse and I am inside Him, infiltrating Heaven/wherever God is. If you think that because of your own righteousness that you deserve to see or hear God, you will probably never succeed. We do not deserve it. We get it for free as a gift. And we must mentally receive it as a gift.

You just simply come. Come to God. Not as anything fancy. Not as an actor or race car driver. Not as a worker. Not as anything. Just simply as a man or woman – as a creation. Mentally you must let go of preconceived notions and ideas.

Child Like Faith

You come like a child, expecting to receive good things. That simple child like faith.


When I first started this back in 2003 ish, I had an insatiable thirst for something between grape juice and wine. I couldn’t initially place what I was craving because I was not sure I had tasted it before. But I know it was in the grape family. I had this thirst for weeks to months.

Eventually God started talking to me about Communion. I realized that was what I thirsted for. I felt like it was a good thing to do. I almost authored a book on the power of communion, but I never got around to it. There is power in this whole process. Confess your worries, and then take communion. And communion is just eating a little bread and drinking some wine/grape juice.

Why the bread and wine/juice? They are perhaps more symbolic, but I have always thought it a good thing to do. It is somewhat of my transition phase. I go from the “I was worried and my mind was all over the place, but now I am calm and ready to listen.”

Be Still

Psalm 46:10 Be Still and Know that I am God.

At this time, I am still. I just sit or lay there, calm. Relaxed. At peace. Hakuna Matata’d to the max. I rest, and I simply listen. Listen to my inner being. My mind, and my spirit. I listen to the thoughts that may float by that I am not actively trying to bring up.

This state of being is the start of where I hear God.

Often times, after I am still for a few minutes, I will pray in tongues for a bit, and then keep listening. I do this like two way talk – like my praying in tongues is my talking to God (it is). And then I listen for a response.

Sometimes I pray but in regular words. And then I listen for a response.

Sometimes I ask God for provision. Sometimes for guidance and direction. Sometimes for answers. Sometimes I just thank Him for my life and the things I have. Sometimes I just sit there being with Him. Sometimes I listen to see what He has to tell me.

It’s ironic – growing up my mom always wanted me and my sister to be in the house with her just for the sake of being there. And I thought that was silly. I could be outside somewhere playing, or going to a friend’s house. And here I am years later doing that exact thing with God – just being in His presence for the sake of being there.

Getting naked and doing communion only takes a few minutes. I spend 30-90 minutes being still.

Discern The Spirits

Is that fear you feel? As you sit there in the room, eyes closed, mind empty – are you afraid? God has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but of POWER, of LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND. You know that fear is not from God, so allow yourself to overcome that fear. Cast it aside. Stand up to it.

Anxiety? Hakuna Matata that anxiety straight to the curb.

Gentleness? Peace? Embrace it.

How He Responds

It is not always an audible voice that you hear. That does exist, but it is less common. And don’t necessarily think that you are listening with your ears – you are listening with your inner being. With your spirit.

Sometimes I hear Bible verses or passages/stories. And then I start seeing new things. I get new revelations on things I have never seen before. God can actually use these things to speak to you, even about things that are not scripture per se. Meaning He can use scripture to give you personal level guidance and revelation in your life.

Sometimes I hear other things aside from scripture or Bible verses. God speaking. Direction in life. Affirmations. Love and praises. Concepts and ideas dropped into my being that did not exist there before.

Tip: If you try this multiple times with no luck, try something else – ask for guidance to a particular Bible verse, or just pick one, and meditate on it. Ask for a new revelation. Read the verse over and over and ponder it until something new comes. I consider this a baby step to hearing more clearly.

And then try this with particular subjects. Perhaps stick with one or several subjects until you get an answer.


Persistency often pays off in life. This is one of those circumstances. Try it as much as needed – you will eventually get there.

Practice His Presence

Practice His Presence. Mentally envision that God is in the same room as you. He is Omnipresent, meaning He is everywhere. Also, if you are a Christian and have the Holy Spirit, He lives in You. So He is there.

Talk Out Loud. Just like He was there.

No telepathy. I believe silent prayer is reserved for situations when you have to be like a ninja. You know, you are in the middle of a public place and don’t want to seem crazy. But in my home, I talk to God. Out loud. Mostly because I am not telepathic, and it just helps it to be that much more real for me. Also Jesus did some praying out loud, and Jesus is my homie. He is my example.


When meditating like this, you don’t have to look anywhere in particular. But I always look up. I hate it when preachers are all like “everyone bow their heads and close their eyes.” It drives me bonkers! People look down and close their eyes when they are ashamed! HAVE NO SHAME BEFORE GOD.

This is why you are naked in the first place! To get rid of the shame. I look up towards Heaven. Sometimes I open my eyes, often I close them to avoid distractions during meditation. But in regular prayer with other humans, I often leave my eyes open and I look up to Heaven.

FYI – Guilt says you DID something wrong. Shame often says you ARE something wrong. Shame is a lie!!! God does not love you because you DO something. He loves you because you ARE something. You ARE something loveable.


Sometimes I listen to music while doing this. Sometimes no music. More often, I choose to listen music. I listen to instrumental albums. My favorite of all time is from a band called “Rivertribe” and the album is “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble” – it is an AMAZINGLY well done album for meditating. It flows almost nonstop. My second favorite by Rivertribe is called Radiate.

Aside from Rivertribe, I have tried a variety of music. I listen to Enigma, Shaman and Native American music, Scottish music with bagpipes, etc.

But I only do instrumental music. You don’t want to be singing karaoke if you are trying to listen. But singing to God sometimes is ok, and encouraged. If you speak in tongues, try singing in tongues. It’s fun.

Know the Word

Know the Words of Christ. Read, listen to, and meditate on the books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. This is where Jesus walked. Study Him. Learn how He talks. This is a useful thing as you pursue this.


Sit Up. Lay Down on the floor. Lay down in the bed. Dance. Do it all. Vary it up. Let loose and have fun. Be silly. Don’t take yourself so seriously. I usually sit down or lay down when listening.

Possible Pre-Reqs to hearing His voice:

  1. Being saved
  2. Baptism in Holy Spirit (But I heard Him speak before I even knew what this was, so maybe not)
  3. 1 Corinthians 14:1 Earnestly desire that you may prophesy
  4. Pray for it. Ask God to help you with this journey.

I’ve only been hearing the voice of God since I was 14. And I STILL sometimes ask myself “Was that God? Or was that me? Am I making this one up?” You will often know, at some point sooner or later (could be days or weeks). But I often know in my Spirit or get a confirmation at some point.

I encourage you to keep up this listening exercise until you know it was God that you heard.

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