The Child Died at 5

The Child Died at 5

One day, somewhere around age 15 or 16, I was laying in my bed and I was woken up by my stepsister running in my room and saying “my mom is pregnant!”. And then immediately I heard a voice say to me, “the child will die at five.”

I did not know what this meant. Five what?! I did not know what to do with this information. I just knew that that did not sound good, and I just sat on the information. Five months later, my step mom had a miscarriage and the child did not survive.

Take Away

To this day I am not completely sure why that information was given to me. But the things I took out of it-the voice that I was hearing knew the future, and it was accurate. Additionally, although I am not here to get into the whole political pro-life versus pro-choice debate, I did take this to mean that the higher powers believe life to start at conception, since the fifth month is when the kid died, and 5 is what I had heard for death.

I had not considered the idea of asking for follow up information. I could have easily said “please clarify further what the child will die at five means.” As I have been training in hearing the voice of God, I find that is the one thing that I forget to do the most – to come back and ask for further details or clarification.

If you get a Word from God, He could be speaking to you for multiple reasons. Sometimes, He may speak to you just so you know that you still hear Him. Sometimes, He gives you Words to help other people or to pray about it. Sometimes, you are empowered to change a situation for the better.

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