19th Birthday – I Got a Gift From God

19th Birthday – I Got a Gift From God

I turned 18 in Marine Corps bootcamp. I turned 20 and 21 in Iraq during the war. None of those birthdays were exciting in a good way. July 27, 2003 was different. This was my 19th birthday.

But first we have to start with some history. We have to start with where the hunger came from. When I was younger, I used to attend a protestant non-denominational church (Grace Christian Center) from around age 14 to age 17. I theoretically believed in divine healing, as I read about it in the Bible. But I never saw it. We had a gentleman at church named Tim Pitts that was an awesome man. He gave me a Bible that is still on my bookshelf to this day. Tim was suffering from cancer. I remember at a number of prayer meetings laying hands on Tim and praying for healing. But I never noticed anything happen. I don’t know what I was supposed to expect, but I figured surely if Tim got healed, something would happen.

So I borrowed a book from the church called “How to Heal the Sick” by Charles and Frances Hunter. (I would NOT recommend you read this book, as it is full of religious crap that is wrong. I will get to how to heal the sick in another blog.) This book did not really give me the answers I sought. I was not able to heal the sick after reading it, at least not from what I could tell.

Tim’s Funeral

I forget exactly when, but Tim died. Of cancer. Cancer took a decent man away from this earth too early.

I prayed for Tim. I theoretically believed in healing. Yet Tim died. Many people would respond by thinking maybe healing doesn’t exist anymore, or that God had a reason for Tim to be sick. I responded differently. I believed the wisdom and understanding must exist somewhere in the universe, so I needed to find it. I did not want more people like Tim to die if there was healing out there.

So Tim’s death is what started my hunger for learning about divine healing and it set me down an incredible path.

July 18, 2003

I was young, single, and 18 years old. I used to walk to the McDonald’s on base almost every Friday night to get myself food that was different than the base chow hall food. I did not love the chow hall food, and more than once I found half of a spider cooked into my food. I didn’t want to think about where the other half went.

On Friday, July 18, I went to McDonalds and I ordered a 10 piece chicken nugget meal. Yet when I got my food, there were 20 nuggets. I called the cashier guy over and told him about the excess nuggets and he said something to the effect of “Oh no, those are for you. It’s for your upcoming journey.”

I sat down and asked God what that was about. And I felt that gentle voice whisper to me “I want you to fast for 20 days. One day for each nugget on your plate.” But it was a gentle request. I did not feel like I would be condemned for saying no. And I decided why not, let’s do this.

July 27, 2003. It’s a Sunday and my birthday. I spent the day in my barracks room, but not quite by myself. I used to hang out with God a lot in my room. What I mean by that: I used to pray, and listen to worship music and dance in a probably silly manner. I took dance classes growing up at a place called Tinka’s Dance Studio. I studied a jazz, tap, and ballet mix. But only for a handful of years until the other little boys at my daycare convinced me that dancing was just for girls, so I withdrew. Dancing is NOT just for girls. And dancing is awesome.

Anyways, this particular Sunday I have not eaten since the night of July 18. I’m doing fine with it, mostly. After the third day or so, the hunger pains mostly go away. I had been taught that fasting is a way to remove the flesh and allow your spirit to communicate more directly with God.

There I was on my bed, and I prayed to God for the gift of healing. I prayed/stood there in faith and waited for something to happen. A lot of people when they pray, they don’t wait and expect something to happen. But I did. I waited upon the Lord. And shortly thereafter, I started feeling an electricity feeling go down my shoulders and arms and into my hands. My hands started tingling with an electricity feeling. I knew that to be the gift of healing. For my 19th birthday, God gave me the supernatural gift of healing.

But there was more to be done. The gift did not come with a knowledge download. I had the gift, but I did not know how to use it. That was another adventure.

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