The Time I Went to Heaven

The Time I Went to Heaven

I joined the Marine Corps at age 17 back in 2002 at the beginning of the Iraq war. I turned 18 in boot camp.

My first year in the Marines was exceedingly hard for me to adjust to. This was my first time in life completely away from my family. I had a boss that was a lady, and she was a bit bossy. I did not like her at first. And one day (somewhere in 2003), I really screwed up at work. My boss chewed me out hardcore. On the inside, I was crying and broken because I had failed, and I was raised as an over achiever. On my way back to my barracks room that day after work, I decided I was done. I was packing my bags and running away from the Marines.

Quick note: When I was in the Marines, our uniforms had a green under shirt, and a camouflage “blouse” as the shirt out garment. The blouse is the piece of clothing that you usually see first on military people.

Instantaneous & Miraculous

As I walked in my barracks room, I took off my blouse and threw it on the bed. And I had a wall of sad emotions built up from that day, like a dam holding back a lake of water. And as my blouse hit the bed, that dam broke. I was expecting to be on the floor crying my eyes out any second, suffering from the biggest emotional breakdown of my life to that date. I am not even sure if the first tear had made it through my tear duct, when all of a sudden…

I did not know where I was. But I was standing on top of a mountain. And this was an exceedingly high mountain. Above the clouds, so high up. And I was at the edge of the top of a mountain, looking down to earth where I had been but a moment before. And all of my problems and emotions and pain had been left on earth.

Then I was back in my room. I do not how long I was there for. It could have been 10 seconds, it could have been 10 minutes. I am not sure if I was there just in spirit, or in body also. I don’t know the answers to these questions. But I do know it was real. And my emotional pain and suffering was gone.

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